“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure” – Colin Powell


Successful persons do not wait for miracles to happen in their lives. They seek courage and strength to overcome obstacles. These people will have a burning desire to succeed in their lives in spite of adversities. Such people were the founders of this school who inspired others by understanding the needs and wants of others. Of course, they had a driving force that urged them to build this educational institution in 1922. This school is the mother institution of PSG & Sons’ Charities. Ever since the school started functioning in 1924, it has been developing in leaps and bounds. It takes pride in imparting knowledge, training, and competence.

The members of the faculty of the school are committed to their work. Mentoring the students and inculcating moral values to become a good human being in this world is the main objective of the school. It brings out the innate talents of every student so that he/she can walk with his / her head high in society. In conclusion, I thank my ancestors wholeheartedly for their noble service in education and assure them that the school will continue to excel in all the fields forever. I wish all success to all the students and staff for their future endeavors.

May the school serve our society with a smile!


Life’s persistent and urgent question is,

What are you doing for others?”

                                                — Martin Luther King.


            The above same question was uppermost in the minds of the PSG & Sons, the great philanthropists, result of which they established PSG Sarvajana Higher Secondary School in 1924.

            It was a period when access to education and educational institutions was a major challenge to all the people of Peelamedu in general and the poor in particular. Like an Oasis in the midst of an arid desert, this institution emerged in this regard as a haven for all the residents of Peelamedu.

Due to the constant support of the management, unstinted efforts of the able administrators carefully chosen for this purpose, and the dedicated faculty, the school was nurtured and developed in every aspect since its inception. In addition to academic excellence, the school focuses on the activities that include extracurricular, personality development and most importantly the ones that inculcate moral values. It is clearly evident by the fact that several alumni of this school occupy proud and key positions in the society in various walks of life at the national and the international level.

To put it in a nutshell, the school has carved a niche in the annals of history. At this juncture, I am extremely proud and glad to mention that my father and I are alumni of this esteemed institution.  I would like to humbly state that I am also extremely delighted and fortunate enough to be associated with this institution again and to contribute in whatever manner possible after three decades of academic exposure at various higher learning institutions.

Wishing all success to the children, teachers, and the staff of the school.


“Education is not preparation for life but Education is life itself” – John Dewey


Schooling and tutelage have a great impact on the lives of students. Realising this, PSG & Sons, the great benefactors of society, founded PSG Sarvajana Vidhyasala. It was indeed a historical event because the inception of the school gradually transformed this little place Peelamedu into a famous textile town.


Our school promotes all-round development of the children. It gives a wide spectrum of learning activities. Keeping the physical fitness of the students in mind, sports and games are also given equal importance. In addition to curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities, moral values are also inculcated.

Both the teaching and non-teaching staff members are committed to providing excellent service to the students of the school.

I wish the students, teaching and non-teaching staff of the school all success for their future endeavours.


“Charity is a supreme virtue and the great channel through which the mercy of God is passed on to mankind” – Conrad Hilton


Our school evolved out of the charity of the great philanthropists, PSG & Sons in 1924. Being the first and foremost among the PSG institutions, it has a rich legacy of achievements in terms of academics, co-curricular activities and also in sports and games.


The mission of the school is to impart excellence in individuals and prepare world class citizens.


With the perennial support of the management & team work of the dedicated staff members, our school will continue to render its commendable service for generations to come.